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Aluminum Mobile Stairway Scaffolding saudi

Aluminum Mobile Stairway Scaffolding Saudi

Aluminum Mobile Stairway Scaffolding is a widely demanded scaffold stair tower. It is highly reliable and provided anti-slip steps to ensure the safety of workers. It is different from any other tower because of every 2-meter safe landing capacity. 

Moreover, the aluminum mobile stairway scaffolds have aluminum steps with handrail protection on both sides.  

Aluminum Scaffolds are more valuable than conventional steel because of their Great Corrosion resistance. Scaffolding Saudi is a highly supportive organization that works for providing secure scaffold products to the operators working at construction sites. We are serving cities like Saudi, Riyadh, Jeddah, Medina, Damman, Mecca, Tabuk, and Yanbu with our exceptional range of Aluminum products and services


  • Safe landing with a platform
  • Safe working load of 225/ platform level up to the maximum of 750 kgs per tower
    Easy walk from the base to the top level
  • Provided staircase with anti-slip step & handrail
  • The platform provided with a large trap door for easy access to the working area
  • Easy erection & dismantling
  • Working on different levels at the same time (every 2mtr)

Load rating : 225 kg per platform
Safe working load : 750 kg per tower
Base width : 1.40 Meter
Base length : 2.0 Meter