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Aluminum Scaffolding with Additional Support saudi

Aluminum Scaffolding with Additional Support

Aluminum Scaffolding with Additional Support owns the features like corrosion resistance, high durability, and is well demandable in the market. This aluminum scaffolding with additional support is perfect for performing day-to-day site exercises. Fortifying, covering, and cementing are some of them.

Portable aluminum scaffoldings support workers who are making modifications or repairing the exterior and interior of a building. At Scaffolding Saudi, we use high-quality materials for manufacturing scaffold products and supply them in various parts of the country like Saudi, Riyadh, Jeddah, Medina, Damman, Mecca, Tabuk, and Yanbu. The team of experts ensures the high durability and strength of these items. The safety of our clients is our first and foremost priority and we never fail to perform our duty


  • All pipes are built up of aluminum alloy he 30 grade t6 Temper.
  • A step made up of 50mm od 2.5mm
  • Thickness h frame height 2000mm0
  • Width 1350 mm cabin height 1000mm
  • Width 1350 mm
  • Platform size 580mm x 1690 mm with aluminum chequered sheet stairway tube size 25mm x 75mm, Height 2500mm, 8 steps width 3 “handrails / horizontal bar/ diagonal bar dia 50mm x 2mm thickness gi “u” clamp,
  • Nylon wheels including foot brake systems outer trigger for four side corner nonslip,
  • Extra grip flat corrugated mullion steps high-quality leg grip chequered sheet for top of the platform
  • Best working load: 270 kgs.