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Steel Props Jacks in Saudi ArabiaSteel Props jack saudi

Steel Props Jacks are considered as one of the ideal and most economical products suitable for all kinds of formwork, slabs, beams, walls, and columns. They are built from continuously welded steel tubes and high-quality materials. 

The material used ensures that the prop jacks will be highly resistant to wear and tear and have a long life. These are fully capable of bearing the full loading. All these steel props jacks are offered to the clients with an adjustable jack and welded base plate. 

Scaffolding Saudi is a leading manufacturing and supplying company of Scaffolding products. We have the largest hub of all steel products like Steel Prop Jacks at affordable prices. Our team offers premium quality Prop Jacks to clients all around the world, some of the places are Saudi, Riyadh, Jeddah, Medina, Damman, Mecca, Tabuk, and Yanbu. 

Steel Props Jacks

Extensively used in conjunction along with socket base, fork heads, and drop head adaptors, these universal jacks are fully utilized at the top or bottom of a scaffold structure. These Steel Prop Jacks are very easy to install and are used for all scaffolding systems. 

They are most commonly used at construction sites, building material sites, and residential project sites. Because of its lightweight and affordable cost, these are popularly demanded in Industrial Construction, Commercial Construction, and Infrastructure Construction too. Like Highway roads, bridges, etc. Heavy Duty and Medium Duty Prop Jacks are used in thick concrete slabs. 

There are some of the key points of Steel Prop Jacks clients should know about that are: they have Pure dimensions, Durable for construction, Ease in installing, Exactness and Sturdiness, also have outstanding performance. 

At Scaffolding Saudi, clients can share their prop jacks requirements and load capacity details. Get the adjustable prop jacks according to their safety and weight-bearing needs at pocket-friendly rates. The team of our professional engineers is ready to design the scaffolding products as per your requirements. These are adjustable according to the slab and floor height you want. 

We are one step forward in providing this budget-friendly item at your doorsteps. Connect with us anytime and share your needs. We are happy to serve you with the best!